Hospitality Industry Focused Training & Development

Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry is among the fastest growing industries in the country. With the government target of securing 5 Million tourists a year augmented with endorsements from global leaders in industry such as Lonely Planet, New York Times, WSJ; the industry has grown at record breaking speed. This has created a significant demand for an expert advise and skilled workforce to cater to the global tourists and to be competitive.

The Corporate Campus provide following Training and Development programs for Hotels and Reception Halls

Front Office

Trainees will undergo workshop-based training on the fundamentals of the front office department, product characteristics, and communication ethics in relation to front office department to basic systems and procedures of front office and back office to ensure the smooth operation and on successful completion join the junior management level position in a star class hotel.


Workshop-based training trainings will give a thorough understanding on all kinds of food from various sections of a kitchen but also train the structure of hotel and restaurant operations specifically kitchen organization in relation to other departments and recognize customer needs and preferences in the domestic market as well as over cross border and regional tourist destinations.

Food & Beverage

F & B workshop-based training at The Corporate Campus has been designed to give an insight into the industry and the skills required for obtaining employment in Cafes, Hotels, Bars or Restaurants. Trainees are provided with the knowledge for effective management of food service operations, while presenting the basic service principles and highlighting the importance of meeting and exceeding the needs of the guest.

House Keeping

In order to mould the trainees to meet the industry standards of Hotel Housekeeping, The Corporate Campus offers workshop based training with the required practical knowledge and skills to take up employment in the hospitality industry locally and abroad presenting a systematic approach to managing housekeeping operations and providing a thorough overview, from the big picture of maintaining a quality staff, planning, and organizing, to the technical details of cleaning each area of a hospitality facility.

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