Executive Training & Development


Executive education is often a relatively inexpensive, small time commitment for an employee to get exposure to the latest trends, research, and business thinking. Additionally, when a company sends one or more employees to a course, these organizations often see a multiplier effect once those employees return to work and share the learnings, they've gleaned from just a couple days out of the office. Many companies that have invested in their employees' education have also found that those employees are more engaged and happier with their employer and are looking to grow within that organization.

The Corporate Campus is offers tailor-made executive educations programs as given below and in the process of securing top of the line programs from the best of the breed Executive Education providers.

  • Strategic Planning for Corporates
  • Business Process Re-Engineering and Change Management
  • Strategic ICT and Transformation Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Process Design for Strategic Management via Lean Management
  • Strategic Human Resources Management and Development
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Strategic Finance and Management
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Market, Product and Brand Development

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