Consultancy Services for Hospitality Industry

Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry is among the fastest growing industries in the country. With the government target of securing 5 Million tourists a year augmented with endorsements from global leaders in industry such as Lonely Planet, New York Times, WSJ; the industry has grown at record breaking speed. This has created a significant demand for an expert advise and skilled workforce to cater to the global tourists and to be competitive.

The Corporate Campus provide following Consultancy for Hotels and Reception Hall Projects

  • Start-up Support and Securing Approval in in Sri Lanka
  • Mergers and Acquisition of Hotel and Reception Hall Projects
  • Build to Order Projects
  • Internet based Marketing, Product and Market Development for Revenue Enhancement
  • Hotel and Reception Hall Management
  • Renovation and/or Rebranding of Hotel and Reception Hall Projects
  • ERP and/or ICT Transformation Management

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