Employment & Lifetime Career Management Services

The Career of a Professional needs to be managed professionally, we consider a Professional as a Human Resources Asset which needs to be Managed, Supported and Developed Professionally so he/she will be able to become the Very Best in their trade and deliver exceptional service to all stakeholders and reap the benefit to them as well.

How do you get started…?

Step 1

Get in touch with us to get started or send in your CV/Resume to hrd@thecorporatecampus.com

Step 2

We will get in touch with you after Reviewing Your CV/Resume

  • If your expectation in Only to Find a Suitable Placement we will support you to do so
  • If your expectation is to Professional Management of Your Career, you proceed to Step 3

Step 3

You could Register with us to Receive Lifetime Career Management Services. With Lifetime Career Management (LCM) we offer following Services

  • Keep our You well Informed of the Market Developments and Opportunities
  • Professional CV/Resume Writing
  • Provide You with Career Guidance
  • Help to Improve Your Hard and Soft Skills
  • Find Suitable Placement and Support Carrier Growth
  • Support in Continuous Professional Development
  • Partner in Legal and Labour related Matters
  • Special Discounts for Events, Training & Development Services Offered by The Corporate Campus

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